Shift Street mod 0.61b2
Google Drive

  1. Andrew says:

    I like this mod. I wait the following version. Andrew.

  2. lolo says:

    Te felicito, tu mod es muy bueno!

  3. secondoporto says:

    thank u guys on great work keep it up ! 😉

  4. taco says:

    muchos gracias

  5. 7up747 says:

    Great mod i am looking forward for a new version.

  6. maverick993 says:

    Esp.: Este mod es maravilloso, es con el que paso más tiempo, ¡Gracias!

    Ing.: This mod is wonderful, is the one that I spend more time, Thanks!

  7. The Dude says:

    This is the best mod EVER!!! I love you guys. That Caterham r500 is looking great too. Can’t wait to try it. you guys are the best

  8. rally2simca says:

    is the alfa gulia sprint in the latest version

  9. Giocondo says:

    Thx a lot for the mod!

  10. Gator says:

    Great job!

  11. MIGUEL ANGEL says:


  12. Toby says:

    It’s not released yet.

  13. Anas says:

    Great work mates keep working like this 😀

  14. Gustavo says:

    What a great one of the best mod for rfactor.
    And take the opportunity to ask if possible to appear on the next update Ferrari FF and Renault Sport Spider.
    Thanks for everything.

  15. Guiollo Silva do Brazil says:

    FileFactory is Out! Can you fix it up pliz? NICE Mod Bro!

  16. Silva do Brazil says:

    Hey Man we need another mirror Pliz!
    Great Cars! 10!

  17. yep says:

    great mod, thanks, hope to see McLaren F1

  18. bakker230 says:

    How to Download, If i press the link i come at a site where i cant download anything!!!

  19. jordbezug says:

    I cant download from 1fichier, I keep clicking “download now” but nothing is happening, it just refreshes the page.

  20. jordbezug says:

    Yes, another mirror, 1fichier isnt working for me?

  21. gigiluciecu says:

    It is fantastic. So beautiful that I play 24 hours in a day with this…nice work and you don’t stop!

  22. Doppler says:

    If anybody want a fast download, there are a few links in Mediafire in this folder.

  23. chackal says:

    Can you make another mod with NFS SHift 2 models like nissan 240 and others?Good job, we want hondas

  24. luckvilla says:

    try making a mod with muscle cars

  25. Juanpi says:

    Excelent!! you are the best modder ever
    ¿lamborghini gallardo for the next update?

    Shift Street Mod Rulez! from Chile

  26. Puscas Eugen says:

    Thank you for this update, the cars are fantastic. Now if you’ll excuse me, the test session awaits me. 🙂

  27. Max Ketema says:

    wow! this mod is AMAZING!! can’t wait to test it! is there a porsche carrera gt included?

  28. Fabio says:

    thank you for update… your mod is aweasome
    can you upload the update in mediafire?

  29. Felipe Senna says:

    Absolutely master of fuck mod for rfactor.
    hug from brazil.

  30. peter james says:

    great mods all of them, just a shame we carnt play with the set up of the cars for eg,, gear ratios , boost mapping ect! but anyway i play with hdv files and engine.ini files so its all ok .

    ps BEST MOD on Rfactor *hugs from england* :S

  31. Doppler says:

    Update folder whit .MAS incluided

    In one hour it will be aviable, now is empty


  32. eakmotorsports says:

    thx for this mod, but we can´t get the multiplayer to work.

  33. cristian says:

    hi very good mod people like me if they can put a car that is personally ami honda civic if I’m crazy about that car if they could be the would greatly appreciate them regards and very good mod

  34. djchristo says:

    THANKS bro!!!!great mod!!!can you made the lambo aventador for rfactor????please!!!thanks again!

  35. EnzoMan says:

    The cars are chrome sky blue now??? Weird… Except for some cars like Reventon and Diablo GTR (DLC)

  36. Tiago Silva says:

    Your mod is one that everyone wanted to have. The name is “Shift Street” but there are many more cars that could be drawn from other games and that fit perfectly with this mod. Think about it. Many, many thanks!!

  37. muzashi1963 says:

    Thank you guys. Very good mod.

  38. muzashi1963 says:

    PS: Is it ok to Host a copy to upload, on our server? If not, that is understandable.

  39. Ignas says:

    lot of bugs, fix it!! plz

  40. Guilherme says:

    Very little bugs, best mod ever! THANKS A LOT!

  41. racinghart47 says:

    Amazing mod thanks 🙂

  42. krisz says:

    Sziasztok ! tudtommal magyarok vagytok . nagyon jó a mod , az egyik kedvencem , annyi hogy most frissítettem és az új shader.mas fájl-al túl világosak vagy fakók a színek , pl piros kicsit halvány rózsaszín

  43. Ghigi96 says:

    Please upload 6.1b/6.1b quickfix in another site like mediafire, putlocker or sockshare
    it would be appreciated, thanks

  44. James says:

    The game exits if I try to use the mod, already reinstalled the update (also the one with MAS included) and nothing changed. The mod doesn’t work

  45. nobutora says:

    I really love this mod. My favourite cars are the MX-5, 190E and Megane RS.

    I’m thinking about creating a championship with the DTM ’92, are there templates for the M3 and the 190? Thanks.

  46. FUCK_illuminati says:


  47. Max Ketema says:

    u’re my god o_o

  48. God Of Gaming says:

    There’s a problem with the windows, when you drive under a shadow they get reeealy dark, it doesn’t look real at all please fix it in next version

  49. toredl87 says:

    ae86 not available in the vehicles section, no ae86 folder in the vehicles folder… what the?…

  50. Dominic Marcu says:

    Hei guys.The mod is superb!! but when i install 61b Update , all the cars in game are blue. I’ve put the quickfix,but nothing.Then i install nstall the latest SRPL shader pack v0.92 but dosent work. Please help me.I will be very greatfull.

  51. richard says:

    what’s the purpose of the md5 hash file?

  52. wojcio says:

    how come there is not ponitac gto and trans am anymore

  53. TiNtiRiNtiN_PL says:
    On this page, there are many models of cars, rims and interiors from Forza Motorsport 3 I hope that is useful and good luck on making one of the best mods for rFactor 1

    • Steilkurvenfahrer says:

      Im desperately looking for the ShiftStreet mod too but none of the links here are working (Mediafire shows a folder but can’t access do I need to register?) for me. Please anybody who is so happy why not share with otheres and up it on torrent or Oron or so? Thx if u can help I guess I’m not the only one who wants this mod a lot…

  54. kyle says:

    my game crashes when i choose the shift street mod. Can someone help me?

  55. Guilherme says:

    Link’s Off Man, Reeup PLiiiz !!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. streetking87 says:

    I have the same problem.
    i choose the shift street mod and the game crashes!
    what to do ?

  57. Aidope says:

    When selecting the mod in customize, the game crashes to desktop. How do I fix this, Thanks in advance,

  58. _5had0w_ says:

    100% best cars mod in rfactor

  59. joaquin says:

    How are the physics of the cars??????????

  60. jose says:

    Hey this mod is very good !!!!! insert more cars of the street … opel astra gtc, seat ibiza, audi s3 of 2001…jajajajaj thanks for your work is incredible with g27

  61. The game also crashes when selecting that mod, please assist

  62. Jake88 says:

    When I install the mod, there’s nothing in the UIData folder, preventing me from launching the game? How do I solve this? If you’re on F1 classic forum, please message me if you anything about this issue. (Rage9one is my account on F1 classic) Thank you!

  63. Chacha says:

    Cant solve blue car problem please solve it

  64. weekieranrfc says:

    Best mod to ever download for rfactor. Thanks guys 🙂

  65. gabrycocco99 says:

    This mod is awesome,but don’t load textures o.0

  66. BrunoSciotto says:

    Hi, install this mod on my Rfactor and all cars appearing me sky blue Can anyone tell me how to solve this problem .. Tell me | Hola, instale este mod en mi Rfactor y todos los coches me aparecen de color celeste,¿Alguien me puede decir como soluciono este problema..Diganme

  67. berasa says:

    I can’t choose any car.. It gives an error called “Gmotor 2 error.” How can i fix this i can’t choose the cars.

  68. Thanks! The best mod for rfactor in my opinion!

  69. ruben000 says:

    when I put the mod in the game the cars are muted someone help me?

  70. Jose says:

    I’m having same issue where the car volumes are muted ;( any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  71. gallino says:


    is this still updated? 😉

  72. Aslan says:

    Thanks 🙂

  73. Who can input the cars into rFactor? I have waaaay too many High-poly models of street cars that I have been making. But I dont know squat about game building. (its totally different from making CAD art) If someone has real experience with importing 3d models .veh/.gmt’s, into rFactor. I need your help ASAP. I have models like the Veneno, GTR-Aventador, the new Huracan, and many others that have been sitting and waiting , idle ,for going on 1-2 years now because the community is more takers than givers. Im trying to give and cant seem to do that.

    If you can help, find me at
    there you will find photos of lots of my projects.

  74. OHGOSH says:

    Daym, so awwsome mod!

  75. Miguel says:

    why all cars cannot open .mas?

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