Conversion tutorial part 7-12

Posted: October 4, 2011 by Toby in Tutorials

Here’s the rest of my tutorial videos. After a model is finished I send it to Zolee who will make physics for the car. Hope I could help you and won’t see more copy/paste conversions on F1Classic.

Converting the cockpit:

Cockpit materials, steering wheel pivot:

Setting the driver’s position and adjusting materials with the material tool:

Creating the gen file, putting basic physics under the car, preparing paints:

Making gauges work:

The finished car:

Programs you’ll need: 3DSimED, Adobe Photoshop, 3DS Max, ZModeler 2, rFactor material tool, Bulk Rename Utility, Total Commander, rFactor MAX plugins and MAS utility, GMT importer for 3DS MAx.

  1. God Of Gaming says:

    You should separate the windows from the interior and disable shadows on them, because when you drive with the cockpit cam and pass under a shadow the windshield gets very dark and it’s annoying as hell.

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